Welcome! Link, Inc. is Western New York’s first by-design Service Coordination agency, and the only Service Coordination agency in Western New York that meets the OPWDD criteria for Conflict-Free Case Management. Our independence from other agencies offering services to individuals with developmental disabilities enables us to be 100% objective in seeking and obtaining services for you, so we can help you find the one that best meets your needs. That absence of a conflict of interest is one of the most important things that separates us from other agencies offering Service Coordination. Our website contains a variety of information, from resources that will help you learn more about Service Coordination to a Frequently Asked Questions page that explains in straightforward language what we do, and more about what sets us apart.

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Who We Serve

  • Individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages are welcome. We will spend all our efforts to get to know you and to find the specific supports that fit your wants/needs.
  • We work with children as they progress through the education system.
  • We specialize in transitioning high school aged children into the adult world, aiming for uninterrupted linking to employment.
  • We serve many individuals in group homes, and many who reside with their families or in supported apartments in the community.

What We Do for You

  • We provide objective, unbiased, quick response Service Coordination. All of our time and effort is devoted to your Service Coordination, since we run no other programs.
  • We provide professional, competent, knowledgeable Service Coordination. Our Service Coordinators are experienced and well connected in the agency community. They will connect you with the best services and supports for your needs.
  • We aim to provide enduring Service Coordination relationships. Our Service Coordinators are here to stay! They will not be shifted to other functional areas or distracted by other agency agendas – since we don’t have any other agenda but your Service Coordination.
  • We provide educational information to help all decision makers arrive at the most appropriate person-centered choices.

Questions? Try checking out our Frequently Asked Questions page.