The founding of Link Service Coordination, Incorporated is a response by its highly concerned founding members to the needs of eligible individuals and their families that have evolved in the field of Service Coordination as it is currently practiced in Western New York.

There are four driving factors:

  1. There is an increasing need for service coordination overall.
  2. Current service coordination recipients and their families are not receiving the highest quality of education and the full range of access to services.
  3. People are often not aware that they have choices from whom they receive service coordination.
  4. People receiving service coordination would like to retain a service coordinator with whom they have developed a good relationship for a longer period of time.

The OPWDD (formerly OMRDD) 2008-2012 Comprehensive Plan demonstrates the dramatic climb in the number of people receiving service coordination throughout New York State. The 63% growth rate from 2000-2008 points to higher numbers of eligible people seeking service coordination, especially in light of the continually expanding number of people with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders. We operate in Western New York where about 12% of this growing population is located.

Presently, individuals receiving service coordination are not always informed of all options available to them, as the service coordination-providing agencies often seek to people their services with individuals already under their agency’s umbrella. There is an agency-centered concern over an individual receiving services elsewhere, as that may lead the individual to change MSC vendors, depriving the original agency of reimbursement. Link, Inc. has no such agendas or concerns, due to not offering other services. Link, Inc. will not only provide the highest quality service coordination using the best service coordinators available, but will inspire our competitors to raise the bar in how they approach service coordination. This is a win-win situation for individuals served by service coordination. We believe this will also have the effect of convincing those eligible for service coordination who have thus far declined (perhaps due to misunderstandings about Medicaid) that this is a viable, helpful, supportive service to access after all.

For individuals receiving service coordination who want improved, objective access to myriad services and longer-lasting relationships with their service coordinators, Link, Inc. will provide unbiased service coordination and promote longevity in relationships through enhanced retention efforts. Unlike other agencies, the revenue generated by Link’s service coordination will totally benefit service coordination efforts, as that is what Link, Inc. is about —there are no other services to siphon off portions of reimbursements.

Link, Inc. is responding to all of these, and is dedicated to providing service coordination the way it was meant to be. Link, Inc. is the FIRST in Western New York to, from its inception, develop and work under a model of Service Coordination that is not influenced by other agency activities or programs. All other agencies that offer service coordination began by doing other things. Users of service coordination in those agencies often feed the other services that those agencies provide, rather than impartially searching for services more appropriate to each person’s needs and desires. All we do is service coordination. We work with ALL area agencies, professionals, and vendors to make sure you get the best for you.

Find out more about us by checking our our mission statement and vision.