Our Vision

Link Service Coordination, Incorporated, through its service delivery, will save individuals time and effort by providing unbiased, objective access to desired resources.  We will enhance each individual’s self-worth by linking them with programs that better meet their needs, promoting their own sense of importance and contribution to society, and helping them to achieve their potential. Link, Inc. will help enrich each individual’s skills through the procurement of services most appropriate and best-fitted to them, helping them feel more secure, and boosting their self-esteem by feeling they have found their own niche. Finally, Link, Inc. can help minimize their real or perceived risks and fears by this same linking to services that are right for them.

This will be accomplished by a dedicated group of focused and caring individuals.  We are pleased to announce that Jubal Myer will head this group.  Jubal is one of the most experienced Service Coordinators in New York.   We will acquire and retain the best service coordinators available and give them no other agency-related tasks beyond your service coordination.  Link, Inc. will always identify and hire the best, most organized, results-oriented, efficient service coordinators, which translates into the highest quality service offered consistently.

We will fulfill the promise we make to each recipient – to provide them with the resources they need to reach their personal goals, with unwavering confidence in our agency throughout that process and, ultimately, throughout their lives.